Sports Results Database

Here you will find all the collated results of all finals held at ILS LWCs from the first event in 1994 through to the most recent held in 2018. Up to this point we have included all the results from National Teams, Interclub Teams and Masters. A further update will also include the results from Surfboat and IRB Championships.

There are two recommended ways to view these results:

  1. Selecting the relevant Championships to view all the results from that event
  2. Searching for your name to find the complete record of all your results in finals in individual and team events held at all the LWCs in which you have participated

You can also access your individual record by selecting your name in any result. This will also open your individual record as in 2 above. If you wish to print/download a result, use the Printer Icon in the top right corner of your record.

Please note, these results were originally collated by humans and there may well be some errors in the way that names are spelt or displayed for which we apologise. Also, in some of the early team events, the individual names were not recorded in the results that were formally published.

However, if you want to help us correct these results and add the correct names where they are not held, we encourage you to do this by “Flagging” the result in question using the Flag icon for that result. A short guide on how to do this and receive updates on the action taken to make the correction, can be found here.